3Q 2016 Manhattan Residential Market Report

Once again, luxury new development closings dominated the Manhattan apartment market in the third quarter, keeping the average price above $2 million for the third consecutive quarter. Led by 432 Park, which featured an $88 million closing, new development prices averaged a record $4,394,721. It is important to remember that new development closings provide an outdated view of the market, as their average contract signed date was 9/2/15.

The average resale price was basically unchanged from the previous quarter, but 5% higher than a year ago. Smaller apartments continue to be the strength of the resale market, as their low supply helped drive the median price to a record $960,000. Limited supply at the lower end of the market, combined with overpricing at the high end led to 14% fewer closings than in 2015’s third quarter.

While there has been an increase in negotiability over the past year, high-end properties still need further price adjustments. The upcoming election has already impacted demand, as buyers wait for the outcome in November, further increasing the need to price appropriately.


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October 5th, 2016