Dear Santa from a Savvy NYC Real Estate Agent, Child Advocate and Philanthropist

December 23rd, 2011


Dear Santa,

It’s been a long chaotic day. Dragging myself home in my Jimmy Choo stilettoes, I saw all of Christmas decorations in stores and all of the last minute shoppers scurrying to buy presents.

I started thinking about Christmas and began daydreaming of all the things I’d like to see under my tree this year.

So Santa, here goes:

I’d like to ask you for a silver Jaguar, a fabulous penthouse at 15 Central Park West, mansions in the Hamptons and Santa Barbara, a villa in Italy, a cottage in the South of France, and a trip to Tahiti with George Clooney … but I think I should be practical and ask you for things that are really important such as (not in any particular order):

Jobs for those who lost theirs, the end of outsourcing and bringing jobs back to the U.S., homes for those without one, free college educations for deserving students who crave an education, affordable health care for those who can pay for it and free health care for those who can’t, a cure for all cancers and other diseases, a congress that agrees with each other and the President, for ALL of our military to come home and stay home, a healthy real estate market with serious buyers and sellers who listen to my professional advice (I’m not telling them to do things just to talk – I’m telling them to do things that will sell their apartments), businesses that thrive and are not forced to close, CEOs who can lead a company without being ridiculously overpaid, a safe and ecology-wise environment, healthy children, parents who love and nurture their children, children who can go to school in a safe, bully and violent-free atmosphere, †a world where kids don’t take their lives because of how others treat them, child predators who live on an island and are never near children, animals who are not harmed, friendly relations with foreign countries, no more disasters, a world with no guns with the exception of law enforcement and the military, no stigmas on child abuse, mental health, dementia and the things that people don’t want to talk about, a world where everyone is friendly with each other like they were after 9-11, no terrorism, and a very healthy economy.

And Santa, could I ask you for just one more thing?

Could I please have a world without the Kardashians and those media hungry housewives from all of these reality shows?

I’ve been a good girl all year long Santa. I hope you can help me!

Happy holidays,

Ross Ellis