Real estate agents: Ask to see their license so you know they are professional and legitimate

September 19th, 2010

nyc-apartment-building.jpgAccording to the NY Post and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, Lawrence Paul posed as a real estate agent and escorted a potential renter to an apartment on East 116th Street with the promise that a similar property would be available in a week and accepted their deposit check of $2,900.

On moving day, the apartment hunter learned that the apartment was already occupied and that the real estate agent was nowhere to be found.

As reported by the NY Post Paul was arrested on Monday and was charged with grand larceny.

As a professional and licensed real estate agent in the State of New York, I am appalled by this story and the fact that anyone would commit such a horrible act.

You will find that the majority of real estate agents and brokers in Manhattan are very reputable and take pride in their work!

To be sure you are working with a real and professional real estate agent, ask to see your agent’s license card. We are required to carry it with us at all times. Most of us are also proud members of the REBNY – the Real Estate Board of New York and take our licensure and our work very seriously.

Be sure your agent or broker is with a legitimate real estate firm and a member of REBNY. Check out their web sites with those companies.

If you are looking to rent or purchase an apartment in Manhattan, call me. I’d be proud to show you my license and assist you in finding a legitimate home where you can build your dreams.

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Ross Ellis is a proud member of the Real Estate Board of New York