Tipping in Manhattan Apartment Buildings for the Holiday

December 9th, 2009

The holiday season is here and it’s time to start thinking about tipping for services in our apartment buildings.


For those living in Manhattan, holiday tipping is the norm and can seem endless.

While it’s important to be generous, it’s also important to be realistic about what you can afford. Especially in our current economic climate.

Tips in decent class buildings (not Park and Fifth Avenues) run between $20 and $300 and it’s not uncommon for supers to accumulate well into the five figures.

Porters and doormen see anywhere between $2,000 and $10,000, depending on the size of the building.

Holiday tipping is a way to say ‘thank you’ for services. And it’s a big part of apartment service worker’s compensation.

Some Manhattan apartment buildings pool tips so the workers receive one lump sum. Most leave it up to the individual resident.

I hope you will find the information below useful when tipping in your apartment building this holiday season!

Apartment Building Superintendent
$50-200. Tip less if you tip throughout the year.

Apartment Doorman/Concierge
$10-80 or more each, depending upon building. Those who serve you more should get a bigger tip.

Apartment Building Handyman And Porters
$15-40 each

Apartment Building Elevator Operators

USPS Mail Carrier
Non-cash gifts with value up to $20. This is for mail carriers that you know and see regularly.*

UPS – Regular Driver
Has no formal policy. Drivers don’t expect tips but can accept them.

Not allowed to accept anything over the value of $75. No cash gifts accepted.

Newspaper Carrier
Daily – $25 – 50, weekend – $10

Regular Overnight Delivery Person

Parking Attendants
$10-30 each

These are suggested tips for Manhattan. Tips will vary throughout the rest of the country. Most importantly — give what you can. If you are giving less this year, include a postscript saying “Wish it could be more” and your gift will be very appreciated.

During this holiday season, remember to take time for yourself so that you’re not frazzled when entertaining.

And keep in mind – if you’re planning on putting your apartment on the market, the holidays are a great time to do this. People who look for a home during the Holidays are more serious buyers! Serious buyers have fewer houses to choose from during the Holidays and less competition means more money for you!

Wishing you all the blessings of the holiday season,

Ross Ellis
Licensed Real Estate Agent
Halstead Property, LLC

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