Your Bedroom Should Be Your Sanctuary

April 2nd, 2015

We live in a fast-paced, tech-obsessed world and getting a good night’s sleep can be a challenge for most.

Your bedroom should be the most important place in your home that is a serene and tranquil … a sanctuary that melts away your stress and worries.

Several years ago I was completely stressed out. I wasn’t sleeping, and when I did, I tossed and turned all night. I had so much on my plate and my mind was working on overtime.

I started working with Coach Lauree Ostrovsky of Simply Leap. One of the first things she told me was to make my bedroom a sanctuary. At first, I balked saying I didn’t have time to do that. And then I finally realized, I had to.

Not only did I make my bedroom my sanctuary, but I stopped working on my laptop in my bedroom. I made significant changes. Today my bedroom is my sanctuary and I couldn’t be happier. While I still have a lot on mind, I am sleeping better and feel great.

As a real estate broker I suggest this to all of my buyers!

  • The first thing to do is invest in a good mattress
  • Shut down your digital devices an hour before going to bed
  • Remove all electronics and gadgets
  • Invest in good linens with a thread count of 400 or more
  • Consider a canopy which could make you feel like a Royal
  • Keep your bedroom dark
  • Keep your room cool
  • Paint walls a soothing color
  • De-Clutter everything
  • Invest in a headboard
  • Create a sitting area
  • Place a bench at the foot of your bed
  • Replace your light fixture with a chandelier
  • Add a dressing table
  • Meditate
  • Keep a gratitude journal. This helps to clear away the stressful thoughts

Be sure to arrange your bedroom with furniture that fits the scale of the room. Choose a bedside table that is the appropriate height for reaching your book or glass so you don’t have to fumble. If you have the space, create a sitting area with a cozy chair and reading lamp so you can curl up with a good book. Don’t overcrowd your bedroom. A trick I learned from designer Vicente Wolfe is to place an oversized mirror propped up against the wall so your room feels larger. If you want a sleek, clean, chic new look, pull up your carpeting and install hardwood flooring.

Your bedroom should be a tranquil getaway from the stresses of your day. It should be used for relaxation and rejuvenation. It doesn’t matter what your style is as long as you go for simplicity. The key to creating a bedroom that is your sanctuary is serenity.

Sending you calm and serene thoughts for your sanctuary!